June 8 Workshop-Survey announcement

In 2021, the City of Kirkland in coordination with the community and businesses, is updating the Everest and Moss Bay Neighborhood Plans in the Kirkland Comprehensive Plan. Neighborhood plans are updated on a cyclical basis, typically two per year. The purpose of a neighborhood plan is to establish a vision for the next 20 years to define how to best manage household and job growth and within the context of citywide goals and policies in the Comprehensive Plan.

There are three upcoming opportunities for you to participate in the neighborhood plan updates:

  • Attend the virtual Everest Neighborhood Plan Workshop on Tuesday June 8, 2021 at 6:00-8:00 pm.
    Please RSVP at this Eventbrite link so we can plan for the event.

For Zoom meeting information view the project webpage at: www.kirklandwa.gov/EverestNeighborhoodPlan or contact Janice Swenson, jswenson@kirklandwa.gov or 425-587-3257

Choose which neighborhood that applies to you

Janice Swenson, Senior Planner

(note: name change from Janice Coogan)

City of Kirkland Department of Planning and Building

jswenson@kirklandwa.gov 425-587-3257

Everest Neighborhood Comprehensive Plan Update

Our Everest Neighborhood plan is in the process of being updated to set the vision and policies in the Kirkland Comprehensive Plan for the next 8-10 years. Now is your chance to participate in this process. To find out how to participate go to the City of Kirkland Neighborhood Planning webpage at https://www.kirklandwa.gov/neighborhoodplanning and click on the in progress Everest Neighborhood Plan Update page. Sign up to receive email announcements about upcoming public involvement opportunities on the webpage or here is a link to sign up.

Contact City staff in the Planning and Building Department:

Everest Plan: Janice Coogan-Swenson, Senior Planner, jcoogan@kirklandwa.gov or 425-587-3257