Suspicious People in the Neighborhood & Car Break-ins

We’ll have the police come to our September meeting so you can ask questions and they can share tips, but we’ve had a few reports of suspicious people in the neighborhood. Often in the past, they are selling magazine subscriptions or raising money for a charity you have never heard of. According to the police, you can ask to see their permit (which is required for them to be selling door to door) but it is a good idea to get a description of the person and call the police. They have told us in the past that frequently these people can be casing the neighborhood looking for homes to break into in the future.


A few of our neighbors recently had their vehicles broken into. Here are some tips from the City of Kirkland’s website. The one thing I would add is to make sure to set your alarm.

Tips to Avoid Having Your Vehicle Prowled:

  • Lock all vehicle doors and secure windows and convertible or soft tops, even at home, in your own garage, and even if you’re only going to be gone for a few minutes.
  • Never leave valuables in your vehicle (including: cell phones, MP3 players, purses, radios, GPS units, garage door openers, cameras, chargers and other accessories, clothes, bags, paperwork, etc.)
  • Park in well-lighted areas.
  • Trust your instincts!  If you hear something suspicious (glass shattering, for example) or see someone looking in multiple vehicles, call 911 immediately. You are the eyes and ears of the Police.
  • Have an alarm installed and place a sticker on your window indicating your vehicle is protected.
  • Avoid parking next to trucks, SUVs, vehicles with tinted windows, or anything that can serve as a shield for thieves. The more open space and light you have, the better.

2017 Everest Neighborhood Picnic

Come join your neighbors for food & fun at the annual Everest Neighborhood Picnic



Sunday 08.20.2017 at Everest Park 12pm – 3pm



Everyone: Drinks for you (or for sharing)

A-R: Side Dish to share

S-Z: Dessert to share



Live music, bouncy house, face painting, balloon artist, water balloon toss, games, and more!



Burgers, hot dogs, veggie burgers, water, coolers for drinks, and Menchie’s frozen yogurt





Upcoming Everest Neighborhood Association Meeting

A reminder that the Everest Neighborhood Association meeting will be this Tuesday (March 14th) at 7 pm at City Hall (123 5th Avenue) in City Council Chambers. Please plan to arrive early. Carpooling is encouraged.

The Transportation and Design Consultants hired by the City will be presenting their proposals for re-zoning the Houghton Everest Neighborhood Center. This will be an opportunity for you to ask questions and understand what is being proposed so that you can decide if you support the options presented.

This meeting will not be a public hearing (that will be held on March 23rd –  6 pm City Hall) but your participation is important.

Questions can be submitted in advance to Angela Ruggeri at:  please cc:

The Everest Neighborhood Association Board met recently and will be emailing their recommendation for the Neighborhood Center after the meeting.

Anna, our chair, has been following this issue closely for many years, so please feel free to email her if you have any questions. Here’s the latest info from the city on the state of the plan currently:

Houghton Everest Neighborhood Center – 6th Street Corridor Study.


Update on the 2017-02-23 Planning Commission Meeting

The Kirkland Planning Commission held a meeting on Thursday, February 23rd to discuss the Houghton-Everest Neighborhood Center. Thanks to everyone who attended.

On the agenda were plans to re-zone the business district for up to five stories. The Central Houghton Neighborhood association has a great wrap-up. No sense duplicating their work, here’s a link to their post if you want to learn more:

Central Houghton Neighborhood Association Facebook Page

Neighborhood Meeting – March 22, 2016

We hope you can join us for our next Neighborhood meeting this Tuesday. On the agenda:

· The Totem Lake Mall Redevelopment – Jon Regala from the City of Kirkland will give us an update on the current status of the redevelopment and what the developer envisions for the new mall.

· Lake Washington School District Bond – A representative from the Lake Washington Citizens Levy Committee (LWCLC) will join us to explain the needs of the District and what is being proposed for the April 26th ballot.

· Houghton/Everest Neighborhood Center rezone – Eric Shields, Kirkland Planning Director will join us to talk about the potential timeline and process for considering zoning changes to the Neighborhood Center.



Sunday, March 27 at 10 A.M.

Everest Park

(By the playground)

Everyone welcome!
Eggs will have wrapped candy or small toys. There will be a separate area for kids under 4.

Families who want to help can:
Help stuff eggs the week before
Help hide eggs on Sunday morning at 9:30a

RSVP so we have enough eggs:
E-mail with the number of kids that will attend and whether you can help.